“Among the vegetable kingdom, the vine is the only one that
can make us understand what the true flavour of the earth is”

– Colette

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CHATEAU LAGRANGE PRESENT LE 21 DECEMBRE DE 10H00 A 20H00 POUR UNE DEGUSTATION Retrouvez les Vignerons des Côtes de Bourg…

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Bourg, or Bourg-sur-Gironde, was first called Bourg-sur-Garonne and Bourg-sur-Mer. Today, after centuries of evolution of the estuary, it is located on the right bank of the Dordogne river, facing the Médoc. It is a pretty old village, whose origins date back to Antiquity, nestled between a rock face and the river. It is also the capital of a county including fifteen municipalities; and finally, it is a wine region, bounded by the same canton, which gives to the “Côtes de Bourg” C.D.O a unity that is rare in the Bordeaux region.

Our wines

Whatever the vintage, Château Lagrange is an accessible, friendly, easy-drinking wine, with its fruity aromas, subtle tannins and balanced structure.

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